Why should we collaborate…?

8 reasons

Because your event is very important!

And not just for you and your distinguished guests. Also for me. My purpose is to encourage people and organizations to develop and leverage their unlimited potential to the fullest. To create true progress. To matter and make a difference. That’s why your event is as important to me as it is to you. And between you and me: almost every event leads to a new assignment. So let’s go, have fun together and create ever lasting impact.

Inspiring interactions and superb content

Energy, humor, great interactions and tons of inspiration are specific characteristics of my work. But superb content and stunning multimedia presentations are my real trademark. I don’t collect the dots, but connect the dots in the context of the bigger picture. It’s not easy to find a speaker who can so clearly explain the coherence of our complex challenges and the vital solutions for tomorrow’s world. In simple language, with practical examples. My collection of inspiriments consist of keynotes, master classes, workshops and boardroom interventions. A complete package; unique and extremely fascinating.

Check out the themes below and make a choice or combination of inspirements and interactive formats that best suits your event and fits seamlessly with the background of the participants.

Impact as result

For me, only impact counts. Applause is nice. A happy customer is great. And high reviews and warm personal reactions are important.  But for me, only impact counts. That I touch people in the head and heart and that they get excited and impatient during my story. Because they want to get into action and manifest their energy and new insights. That they want to contribute and become a transformer. In work and life.

My inspiriments are often, long and widely talked about. Days, weeks, months and sometimes even years later. It really does something to people and therefore also to organizations. The impact is almost always there. From moment to Movement. From consiousness to desire. With an open mind, open heart and open will. Tons of energy. Intrinsic motivation. Persuasion and the absolute will to contribute.

Great vision, vital ideas and solutions

Everything starts with a dream and a story. Stories inspire people. For centuries.  But if you don’t manage to realize a dream, it will remain a dream. My vision of our common future is crisp, fascinating and realistic.

I offer clarity about the future and hope for a better world. My approach is simple: awareness, desire, connection and manifestation. Based on a proven framework and storyline and with pragmatic examples and tools. That’s what I do. No more, no less.

Often hilarious with lots of laughter, 
regularly with a tear as well

My inspirations are always full of interaction and humor you get for free. Surprising quips. Regularly also with tears. With laughter and sometimes even with emotion. A unique combination of content, relaxation and impact.

Three more reasons

Unique combination of experience

For nearly 30 years, I have had the opportunity to lead companies. Large and small. As an entrepreneur, I have stood at the cradle of renowned businesses. And as a CEO of an International impact fund, I had the privilege to invested billions in hundreds of start-ups and projects. On almost all continents. I know what I’m talking about. My stories have been tested and put into practice.

Heartwarming feedback priceless

With over 200 inspiriments per year, I am one of the most popular speakers in the market. And with high, verifiable scores for content and performance, I am also among the best rated speakers. But the personal responses afterwards are heartwarming and truly priceless.

Doing Good –
walk the talk

Each month I donate a fixed percentage of my income as a speaker to KIVA. For every three books I sell, a tree is planted. In this way, I am concretely and demonstrably contributing to a more financially inclusive world. It’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do.