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Climate change is the greatest threat to our prosperity, health and well-being. Everyone knows it is urgent, but few know how urgent it is. What is coming our way and why is climate change changing everything for everyone? What does it mean for our lives and your work? Or for your industry or business? And what are the vital solutions for climate change? Where are the opportunities we don’t see now and how can we shape and further accelerate the transition?

Are you looking for an inspiring speaker on climate (change)?

Ruud Veltenaar is among the most in-demand and top rated speakers on climate (change) and his inspirations for leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and other proactive, entrepreneurial people are unique experiences that truly touch participants in the head and heart, thus setting them in motion permanently.

With nearly 30 years of experience as a sustainable entrepreneur, impact investor and scientivist, he’d love to take you on an expedition to Protopia, the moment in our future when the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to steadily decline, halting catastrophic climate change so quickly, safely and justly.

As a climate speaker, I offer a number of keynotes, lectures and workshops with a clear roadmap on how we can accelerate the revolution together. Fasten your seat belts in time and keep the helmet on!

Per sector, for your business and at home at the breakfast table

TIP! – 101 Climate Solutions

Your journey to climate solutions begins with this keynote. Packed with the latest science and fascinating solutions from climate scientists, progressors, entrepreneurs and investors in climate policy and solutions. This inspirement is a true brain-shift to a better climate reality.

101 Climate Solutions is a unique experience that focuses primarily on solutions. Instead of elaborating on known climate problems, this inspirement focuses on pioneering climate measures based on scientific research and concrete practical solutions. Vital climate solutions are achievable if we give it the right place within our education, our organizations and our own lives.

Embark now on an expedition to climate solutions based on tangible examples and real actions with impact.

More interactive inspirements on climate change

Keep a cool head

Roadmap to Protopia

Translated to your business

Impact per sector

Actions for home

What about you?

50 years ago, prophets of doom predicted that we were heading for an ecological catastrophe. Stop growth, it sounded everywhere, or things will explode. But why were these doomsayers proven wrong?

How can we avert the climate crisis, just as we averted previous ecological disasters? The optimism during this inspirement is very refreshing. How can we think big and act smaller? And above all; how do we keep a cool head?

Science has shown conclusively that large-scale changes are necessary. It is inevitable that we rebalance our human activities within planetary boundaries.

This inspirement is 100% customized and zooms in on a specific sector, for example: energy, agriculture, food, education, care and welfare, the built living environment, transportation, industry, (local) government and others.

It’s really necessary: improve yourself and start with the world. It’s easy to point to the government or industry. But people often underestimate their own impact, and change really does start with yourself.

How can we make a difference at home, with our family at the breakfast table? How necessary is our behavioral change and why is it so much fun to do something about climate change and inspire others to do the same?


What can we do together to ensure that your event is a unique experience?

Customization is
the standard

Every inspirement on climate and necessary and irreversible change is 100% customized and thoroughly prepared.

Always a seamless

Each inspirement on climate change fits seamlessly with the program, participants’ backgrounds and intended impact.

Super interactive
with lots of humor

Each inspirement is super interactive and workforms such as voiceBUZZ, mentiQUIZZ and debates turn passive listeners into active participants with ideas and solutions.

Unique experience
with mega impact

Each inspirement is a real experience that participants will be thinking and talking about for months to come. Thanks in part to a unique reference book and a digital aftertalk.