Ruud Veltenaar: faculty member

Strategic Leadership Program at Nyenrode

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Life long learning

Since 2018, I have been a faculty member of the Strategic Leadership Program at Nyenrode Business University. I regularly provide lectures on a world in transformation to the next stage of our civilization and the impact of this upheaval on leadership.

SLP Nyenrode

The program is designed for business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and and focuses on developing transformational and strategic leadership.

In five modules the students will work on increasing their insights and wisdom around the theme of leadership. Attendees will spar with professors, captains of industry and of course with each other. The setup is ‘blended’ and offers an optimal combination of on-line learning and physical meeting at the university in Breukelen.

In addition, I regularly give guest lectures and keynotes at various other universities and business schools at home and abroad, such as in 2018 and 2019 within the ITP program of International Schools of Business Management (ISBM).

ITP – International Teachers Program.

The ITP was originally developed by Harvard Business School in the 1960s and later moved to Europe. The ITP program has run every year since 1971 and rotates among ISBM members.

Anno today, the ITP is the leading management faculty development program in the world. This flagship program has been gaining momentum for over 50 years and consistently strives to develop faculty, share expertise and improve the quality of education around the world.

My role and track record as

Creator of progress

I have a verifiable track record of nearly 30 years as a sustainable entrepreneur, inspirational business leader and impact investor.

As a progressor, I work continuously, summer and winter, towards a more sustainable living environment and just society.

As a scientivist, I can easily dissociate sense and nonsense, as well as purpose from goals.

As Homo Verus, I am part of both nature and society. Therefore, I live and work within the planetary boundaries and human potential.

Impact investor
Sustainable entrepreneur
Thought Leader
Impact investor


As an impact investor, I have led large and small funds and family offices for over 10 years and have had the opportunity to invest nearly $8 billion through these funds in start-ups, scale-ups, projects, and the internationalization of high-tech and life science companies in particular.  For example, we were one of the first investors in LinkedIn (2002) and Tesla (2003). As a co-investor we were involved in projects with UNOPS, Blackrock, Twinning, Novo Nordisk, GenMab, SunPower Corp and Celltrion.

My international experience as an impact investor and gained knowledge about sectors and exponential technologies have been instrumental in shaping my vision, understandings and vital ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Sustainable entrepreneur


As a sustainable entrepreneur and investor, the focus is on creating value; socially, environmentally and economically. Often based on biometrics or biomimicry, – the science and art of copying the best concepts from nature. For example, I was involved in projects with the Biomimicry Institute, Threshold Foundation and the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, among others.

For my own account and risk, I was an investor, founder and/or CEO at the start of Silvac (ICT – sold to RAET in 1992), Planet Internet (sold to KPN in 1996), Park-line and Parkmobile (sold to BMW in 2016) and Speakers for Good, among others.

Thought Leader


As a thought leader, I have always stayed faithful to my purpose and non-negotiable values. Even when the majority disagreed or the scorn descended on me.

Important principles: compassion, empathetic listening, doing what you say, sharing enthusiasm, self-development and gathering relevant knowledge and facts. And also being open to criticism and daring to let go of your own limiting beliefs and (prejudiced) judgments.

After my studies and volunteer work my career took off during a cooperation and multi-year assignment at IBM HQ and McKinsey through Desisco [1983-1987].

Back in Europe, I was part of the executive board of the Volmac Software Group (now Cap Gemini) [1987-1988] . After a conflict with board chairman Van Oostrom, I started my first own company Silvac [1988-1992], which I sold to Raet (now Getronics) four years later, and then joined the board of directors [1992-1996].

Following the sale of Raet to Getronics, I became CEO and co-shareholder at Planet Internet and was responsible for the integration with World Access and the sale of Planet Internet to KPN [1996-1998].

During my role as CEO of Net Ventures [1999-2009], I was an investor at the start of Park-line [2002], among others, and was responsible for the integrated acquisition and merger of Park-line and Parkmobile, the company I founded in 2002 and sold to BMW in 2016.

In 2022 I founded Speakers For Good, an international boutique speakers bureau in Amsterdam. Unique in its kind because it is 100% ‘purpose driven’. A speakers agency for one planet and everything that lives on it, including 8 billion people.

Scientivist & cross-thinker
Filosoof & future thinker
Homo Verus
Scientivist & cross-thinker


I am a passionate and uncompromising scientivist, who daily encourages people and organizations to create the world that everyone desires. I call for reflection and movement with a non-committal appeal to the head and heart, without putting people or organizations in harm’s way.

I apply science pragmatically. No complicated academic discourses on economics or philosophical aberrations on extinction. Just the bare facts, objective considerations and critical reflections. In simple language and in the here and now.

On the way to tomorrow, the day after and beyond. Based on vital ideas and solutions that create real progress. In all aspects. Everywhere. Always. And for everyone.

Filosoof & future thinker


I studied philosophy (Amsterdam, Paris and New York) and business administration (Boston) with the intent to emancipate science, philosophy and the emerging future. As a progressor, I am optimistic by nature and more of a fresh-faced observer than a black-eyed pessimist. I like to consider the eminent challenges of humanity in the seemingly light, everyday here and now.

As a philosopher and futurist, I understand the art of questioning on the basis of the great philosophers and thinkers. This leads to more awareness and reflection and is important in an era of fake news, where everyone is shouting at each other and opinions and views are quickly given the apparent value of truth and facts.

In this way I stimulate people and organizations to ask themselves and others essential and authentic questions. Questions that surprise and make you think. This way, reflections and conversations lead to more depth and connection. With the other, with yourself and with the purpose.

Homo Verus


Born, raised in Amsterdam and living in The Hague with my dear Jeannette. Father of Martine, Floyd and Eva.

In my keynotes, talks, lectures and publications I often talk about the Homo Verus, the ‘truly wise human being’. The desired successor of the Homo Economicus.

The ‘species’ Homo Economicus has made people and planet subservient to economic growth and prosperity. Because of this we live in bubbles, which seem beautiful, but are in fact unrealistic and sometimes immoral.

As Homo Verus, I live and work from the realization that people are also part of nature, rather than, for example, stewards or the immoral exploiters.  And that we must reconnect differently, in radical dependence, with each other, nature and with self; the profound purpose.