Future of sectors and markets

Future of sectors and markets

How from chaos the new is born

We have spent the past 100 years making people and our planet beneficial to our economy and growth of our prosperity. In doing so, we have led society and our community into a draconian form of organized chaos. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2021 describes, in terms of impact and likelihood, our ten greatest risks with serious consequences for our prosperity and well-being. Problems caused by people and their limiting beliefs. And because we have come to believe in myths and forgotten that they are only myths.


We are approaching a historic tipping point. The window of opportunity to take charge of the inevitable upheaval and transitions is closing this decade. Due to a crumbling of public support and trust in our leaders, as well as a growing lack of financial resources and social cohesion.

What major institutional transitions and innovations are inevitable and irreversible and what does this mean for your market or sector?

Check also my eight principles for ‘decivilization’ and the terms and conditions for real progress.


In my work as a speaker, writer and progessor, a lot of attention is paid to the transitions of the most important sectors in our society.

Below is an overview of various markets and sectors that will have to make a difference in the coming decades. Each of them fascinating inspirations and unique experiences, that clarify the future of the sector and how they can make an important contribution to a more sustainable world and just, inclusive society.

Is your sector or market not included? Then also check out the theme ‘Vital solutions for tomorrow’s world’ or give us a call to inform you about a customized session for your market or sector.


THE BIGGER > RESET – Expedition to a better world

A confrontational inspiriment and unique experience. A clear, hopeful and above all realistic discourse on our fundamental problems and the only, effective route out of the corona crisis and economic depression. Fast and opportunistic forward to ‘business as usual’? Or with great wisdom and truthfulness thoughtfully backwards; to ‘business as unusual’?

What will it be? Retreat? Revolt? Or Reset?

There is in fact only one outcome and it will come, left or right: a better world. A more sustainable world and fair, more inclusive society. And there are two paths that lead to this destination. The first route is that of a fundamental reset; where we ourselves as a society and business are in charge of the upheaval. The second and more painful and costly route is the path of evolution, where the shore turns and we are no longer the creator of our future, but the victim of the circumstances we ourselves have created. So the good news is that both routes bring us a better world. A world that everyone longs for. Well, almost everyone….

The Bigger Reset is available as a keynote, workshop, training and also as a board-room intervention. Super interactive, high-impact and surprising in its outcome.

Back to the original roots and purpose

1. Future of impact investing & banking

Living and working in smart cities

2. Future of construction & infrastructure

How do you, as a bank or as an investor, ensure that you remain relevant in the approaching future? The sector is at the center of a social debate about its place and role in society. For banks, asset managers, insurers and investors, going back to the core means connecting with purpose and playing the role of facilitator of progress and evolution. For all stakeholders, within the limits of the planet.

What will our lives and work look like in the smart city of the future? With sustainable infrastructure and new models of governance and direct democracy. Mobility as a service? Everything connected and cameras everywhere? How smart is a city without social cohesion?

Once upon a future

The honest and complete story

A unique experience and exciting expedition into the imminent future. The comprehensive and honest story of a world in transformation to the next phase of our civilization. Sometimes confrontational, always crystal clear and based on facts and real trends and expectations. This fascinating inspirement creates clarity about our future and offers concrete hope for a more sustainable world and fair, inclusive economy and society.

Based on my best seller ‘Once Upon A Future’, former no.1 at Managementboek.nl and nominated Management Book of the Year 2021!

Be sure to ask about the unique combination possibilities of keynote, master lecture, workshop(s) and the book as inspiring present for the attendees.

Urbanization and social cohesion

3. Future of real estate and asset management

Smarter, faster & more human

4. Future of smart industries and manufacturing

COVID-19 has permanently debunked the myth of perpetual returns and stability of the real estate market. How will the market evolve when the emphasis is increasingly on real estate that supports the vital functions in society? Fewer offices and stores, more locations where we provide small-scale care and can learn. Affordable and sustainable living, independent and safe, preferably for as long as possible. Where are the opportunities and how do you make use of them?
Smart industry for earning capacity and employment use digitalization in the best possible ways. Use a smart approach to link up products, machines, and people. But what are the very latest production technologies? Digitising and robotising factories is the first essential step towards automation. It is also an essential step towards making manufacturing companies’ own production lines more flexible. It will also ensure that value chains will be able to digitise, while enabling the companies within these chains to connect with each other.

This unique inspirement is all about the most innovative manufacturing technologies, 3D printing, digitization and network centric solutions. The keynote or workshop can be customized to one or more of the eight transformations that manufacturing companies must implement te become future fit: Flexible Manufactoring, Smart Products, Servitization, Digital Factory, Connected Factories, Sustainable Factory, Smart Working and Advanced Manufacturing.

Sustainable, safe and above all very smart

5. Future of mobility, transport and logistics

The way people and goods move from A to B is fundamentally changing. New technologies such as autonomous driving and electrification, but also long-term trends such as urbanisation or changing consumer behaviour make mobility and transport a global challenge. In doing so, the traditional market boundaries are being broken through.

The automotive sector, the energy sector, the public sector, the transport and logistics sector – they all have to deal with these trends, but also with new business models and mobility concepts.

This fascinating inspiriment helps you navigate through the changing mobility ecosystems and will reveal exiting trends, developments and new content about mobility. The size and complexity of the mobility ecosystem is large and evolving rapidly. Changes due to disruptive innovations, such as the connected car, shared mobility and self-driving cars, have an impact on regulations, infrastructure, public transport and insurance. Within the automotive sector, it is clear that change is inevitable, but it remains the question how fast these changes take place.

To what extent do companies already have to adapt their current activities to the consequences of changing mobility? Which business model and investment provides the right balance between short and long-term objectives? What are the specific possibilities to achieve a distinctive competitive advantage?

During this inspirement the eight areas that are part of the mobility ecosystem and the important points of attention within it, will be unraveled and showing where new opportunities are hiding and how the can be seized.

Multichannelling for consuming less

6. Future of retail and shopping

The future is more human

7. Future media, entertainment & culture

The Global Consumes Insights Survey is kristal clear:”Consumers have clear expectations about their shopping, and retail has to fulfil them”. So there are three priorities that apply to shopping, whether it’s online or at the corner shop: shopping needs to be quick, with prompt delivery, and take account of sustainability criterial.

Physical stores will continue to be key to customer loyalty in the retail sector. But they will change into social meeting places and showrooms.It’s crucial for retailers to create a unique portfolio of services to exploit the opportunities of digitalisation and differentiate themselves from competitors.

How can retailers meet consumer requirements? Combining new technologies and innovative business models can help retailers meet rising consumer expectations. To offer digital services such as same-day delivery, retailers must have robust and fast IT systems with high-quality data. Without real-time inventory information, for example, retailers cannot state how quickly an order can be fulfilled. Innovative technologies offer retailers the opportunity to keep pace with customers’ constantly rising expectations.

During this exiting expedition to the future of retail and shopping the four principles for successful retailing will be revealed and discussed: Create space for investment, Stick to your strengths, Build up digital touchpoints and Work closely with partners. This inspirement will help you to survive the Retail Apocalypse.

The future of media & entertainment will offer a world of opportunities, but the transformation will require substantial steps and boldness. The industry needs to be open to new insights instead of being mentally closed by existing ones.

The future landscape of media and entertainment is likely to be dominated by human-centered design, with systems seamlessly integrating within individual consumers’ tech ecosystems – mobile, voice and augmented/virtual reality. Application programming interfaces (APIs) and the platform economy will grow increasingly important as adjacent companies collaborate to anticipate and exceed customer expectations. The use of AI will become commonplace, and will be used to improve customer interaction and manage resources for a seamless and self-service system completely in tune with each individual user. Trust is becoming a serious issue. Deep fakes, hoaxes, misinformation and propaganda are increasingly impacting people’s perception of media and the messages shared. Technology provides the best cures for these kinds of ailments, too.

Consumers will no longer tolerate an intrusion into their lives. They’ll expect personalized content on every device, at every moment of the day. And when they want a little thrill, they’ll switch on ”surprise mode,” and their devices will instantly forget all their historical data and preferences, and offer something entirely new and unexpected. But whether highly personalized or endlessly surprising, the consumer will completely control media content. The result? An interconnected media experience that combines data, AI and human-centered design to create a fully immersive and personalized media offering. So Quinn can score like Ronaldo, play lead guitar in his favorite band, and create an Oscar-worthy movie ending, all on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Ethical and focused on real progress

8. Future of technology and ethics

The world is changing at lightning speed and radically. Exponential technologies are among the key drivers of transformation, disruption and, above all, progress. What are the most important exponential technologies and what impact do they have on your business and organization? How do you exploit the opportunities of, for example, AI, IoT, machine learning, blockchain, deep data and many other exciting, exponential technologies with mega impact on your business? Is your company, institution or organization sufficiently agile and future-proof?

Starting points for my work

Six principles for my inspirements

Six principles are central to my work and they articulate what I stand for and what I strive for. You’ll find them in all my keynotes, master classes, workshops, lectures, books and other publications.