Impact story Ralph Wessels

I’ve been on the road with Ruud for ABN AMRO Bank throughout the Netherlands. In 16 sessions we explained to our top clientele and private investing customers our vision and how you can create more impact with your capital. This is important for ABN AMRO Bank because we are a sustainable bank and want to take our customers along with us.

Ruud focused mainly on “doing good with your assets”. And that is the beauty of his fantastic story. Ruud is not only a great entertainer and story teller, he also gives us tools to get into action and do something that truly matters. The reactions from our attendees to this were very enthusiastic, although some also reacted with more restraint. That is not surprising, because Ruud confronts us and holds up a mirror to us. In any case, it made me very enthusiastic! I have invited my friends and family to come and listen to Ruud as well. His story leaves a lasting impression. I got that back from almost everyone.

The impact on myself? Less meat, less flying and litter in the garbage can. Every little bit helps to push back ‘World Overshoot Day’!

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