Impact story Monique Stam

For the municipality of Heerhugowaard, Ruud Veltenaar facilitated an inspiriment with enormous impact. A new vision was inspired by Ruud Veltenaar, based on his thoughts for People, Planet and Profound Purpose.

From the very first moment, he knew how to get everyone in the right mindset to actually achieve the goal of this meeting. In an exercise with very personal questions, a special atmosphere was created, in which everyone dared to be open and vulnerable. Something really happened to everyone. High impact and tons of energy and inspiration.


The meeting was such a success that the Council of Mayor and Aldermen saw opportunities to look differently at drafting and implementing a more sustainable policy. Ruud has changed the way we interact with our residents in Heerhugowaard, but also how we work in other areas. Values such as connecting with nature and each other, stimulating sustainable progress and supporting an inclusive society are now even more paramount. Ruud’s most important impact: making policy without input from citizens – as used to be the case – is a thing of the past. We now work much more together, in radicle dependency in which also the silenced voice is heard.

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