Kavugo – Uganda

Kavugo fled the Democratic Republic of Congo 4 years ago and settled in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Western Uganda, with her husband and 9 children. Kavugo and her family grow and sell vegetables to other refugees in the settlement.

This loan is part of the World Food Program’s new Money For Food program, which supports refugees to buy food. The demand for vegetables from the refugee community in the settlement has increased dramatically. As a result, Kavugo is currently unable to meet the demand for its services in the settlement, so it wants to expand its business to serve more refugees.

Kavugo needed a loan to buy more vegetables to sell. With this loan, Kavugo thinks she can serve up to 100 refugees a day and also build a stall to sell from. Kavugo has already received permission from the Ugandan office of the Prime Minister responsible for refugees to set up a stall in the refugee settlement, but she does not have enough capital to make this happen.

Kavugo believes that her business has an important social impact on the community. She says that by selling vegetables, she enables many families to eat healthy and balanced meals.

More about this loan

This loan is special because it helps refugees set up businesses to rebuild their lives. It provides refugees living in Uganda with access to below-market financing. These loans will help refugees in the camps start and grow businesses so they can generate income, employ others and increase their own independence.

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