Keynotes: what do I talk about?

We live in an exciting and revolutionary era. Our familiar world is changing rapidly and radically, and we are at a major tipping point in our history. Together we must address hefty, interconnected problems and challenges. Businesses, governments and civil society organizations are busy making sense of these problems, finding vital solutions and taking action.

But how can the efforts of people and organizations contribute to a more sustainable environment and fair, inclusive society? How do we attract public attention for more impact and especially more progress? Real progress?  How do we mobilize people and organizations to transform awareness and desire into connection and implementation? And then what are the vital ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s world?

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Vital solutions for the world of tomorrow

The spring of 2020 and the Covid-19 crisis have shown that the homo economicus has become an integral part of the material world. If we want to get out of the crisis better and prevent the next mega disruption, we have to enter into a different relationship with each other and nature. How do you do that? And which systems, institutions and even sectors will eventually tilt 180 degrees?
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Future of sectors and work areas

What does the future look like for the most important sectors, for example; energy, industry, financial and business services, (agricultural) construction, mobility and transport, ICT and mobile, retail and hospitality, real estate, media and entertainment, etc.
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Sustainability, climate and living environment

Everyone said it was impossible, so we just did it. Concrete solutions for the greatest ecological risks from the 'Global Risk Report' of the World Economic Forum. What comes our way and especially; what else can we do about it?
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Technology and innovation

A new renaissance with new dogmas: technology, data and connectivity. Faster and smarter is good, but more humanity is great. In our common interest.
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Circular economy serving an inclusive society

We have made our planet and humanity subservient to the economy. How do we create inclusive progress? And how do we restore the balance between the planet, nature, society and the economy?
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Inspirational leadership

Discover how you can inspire, transform and grow people and your organization. Not by focusing on the goals, but by the intention (purpose). Leading and collaborating in radical dependence. It doesn't make you the best in the world, but it does make you the best for the world.
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Sustainable entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and enterprising people create the future themselves. But what does sustainable and social entrepreneurship mean and how do you create the most impact?

Starting point for all my inspirements

Six principles

1. Honest storytelling
2. Cure against the delusion of the day

We are not in a health crisis or economic depression, but in a transformation to the next phase of our civilization. And there is no quick fix to the immense problems we have created for ourselves. I tell the honest and complete story. Based on facts. What are our limiting beliefs and what are the vital solutions for tomorrow’s world?

My inspirements are never about what is happening today but about what is happening every day. I rarely point out sensational trends, but rather the fundamental developments in our markets and society. Tomorrow’s weather is irrelevant, if it is to be about the climate. In this way I try to give a deeper and more honest insight into how the world works. Today and possibly in the future.

3. Independent but not neutral
4. Focused on vital solutions

I am independent, but not neutral, nor unbiased. This does not mean that I am partisan or adhere to only one ideology. I am transparent about my views and value the naked facts. But I give these meaning by interpreting them. Therefore, I am open about my worldviews and moral convictions. When the facts change, my opinions change with them.

I challenge stereotypes, prejudice and fear-mongering. I believe that a good dose of skepticism and realism opens up a view of the world and ourselves. My inspirements are sometimes confrontational, but certainly not intended to shock. I don’t just look at the problems, but above all at the vital solutions for the world of tomorrow. I am for positive change and actively contribute to it myself.

5. Impact over applause
6. No right, but a point

A positive and especially lasting impact is more important than high ratings and applause.  I don’t tell people what they want to hear, but what they should know. That’s why I always share my content, as a form of aftercare. This way I also get more feedback and my inspirements become more intense and the impact bigger.

I believe in transparency and continuous self-improvement. If I am wrong, I admit it and correct it. I make an effort every day to improve myself, my vision and contributions to a better world. In mutual desire and radical dependence. Finally, I find it more important to make a point than to be right.