Walk the talk – Doing Good

Reflection – how can you help?

Desire for financial inclusivity

I am committed to a financially inclusive world in which all people have the opportunity to improve their lives. More than 1.7 billion people have no bank account and access to capital. I support Kiva in its mission to provide access to disadvantaged communities to help them thrive.

Unlocking capital

I do this by crowdfunding loans and unlocking capital for the underserved. Through Kiva’s work I help students paying for tuition, women to start sustainable businesses, farmers to invest in equipment and families with needed emergency care.

Part of the solution

By lending as little from $ 25 – $100 per KIVA borrower, I’m part of the solution and make a real difference in someone’s life. 100% of every dollar I lend in partnership with KIVA, goes to funding loans en people who needed it the most.

Impact by numbers

Doing Good, resulting in Doing Well

Outstanding capital
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The amount that I have loaned
the past years via KIVA

Number of loaners
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projects that I have supported
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Number of countries where I’m ‘active’

What about you?

And them?

I believe lending alongside thousands of others is one of the most powerful and sustainable ways to create economic and social good. Lending with Kiva creates a partnership of mutual dignity and makes it easy to touch more lives with the same dollar. Fund a loan, get repaid, fund another.

When my loan enables someone to grow a business and create opportunity for themselves, it creates opportunities for others as well. That ripple effect can shape the future for a family or an entire community.

And my small loans aren’t just about money—they’re a way to create connection and relationships.

Do what is right, not what is easy

10 most recent loans

What others are saying

Some press highlights

Logo New York Times black

Not only are you empowering people who are living in poverty to make meaningful choices for basic human rights, you are also helping children to understand their responsibility to give back to the global community and appreciate the quality of life they enjoy.”

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“…the Kiva concept will work in America. That brings me to another point. I think we shouldn’t have preconceptions about who entrepreneurs are.”

– Bill Clinton

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Neither Kiva nor Kiva lenders make any money from the loans they facilitate. Because of this, Kiva is able to partner with groups based on social motive, rather than profit motive.”

– Premal Shah, Kiva President

Walk the talk…

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