Liliana Lucia – Paraguaya

Liliana Lucia is from the city of Villa Elisa, and is the owner of a water distribution business called “Aguasan.” She comments that, thanks to her work, she does this indispensable service for people in her neighborhood.

Liliana Lucia comments that she decided to approach Fundación Paraguaya with the intent to be able to improve this service that she does, and in this way be able to continue working.

She wants to invest in the maintenance of the well she has, and in this way be able to continue providing this indispensable service to her customers.

This loan is special because: it finances communities to dig wells, build pipelines and install water meters. It also helps fund a new product Fundación Paraguaya has launched called “Ikatu Agua” that will enable people in remote communities to dig wells, build pipelines and install water meters to expand access to clean drinking water. Loans like these are given to either sanitation boards (which represent their entire communities) or individuals.

More about this loan

The sanitation board contracts builders and oversees construction of water distribution systems, while collecting repayments from impacted community members. These repayments are pooled and returned to Kiva to be credited to lenders.

Individuals can access this loan too to invest in connections or drinking water installations inside of their homes, as well as invest in their water provider/distribution business for their community.

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