Margaret | Kenya

Margaret is the group leader of her group in Teso District, and she is representing 7 farmers, including herself. Margaret joined One Acre Fund for the first time this season, but she has been a farmer for 19 years.

Like many other farmers, Margaret decided to work with One Acre Fund in order to get the best quality fertilizer and hybrid seeds. She hopes that by joining One Acre Fund and using the seeds and fertilizer she will get with this loan, she can join the ranks of One Acre Fund farmers that have doubled their harvest in their first year of the program. She plans to use the profits she earns from this year’s harvest to send her children to school.

More about this loan

Margaret’s Group will use the farming inputs received with this loan to cultivate a total of 4.5 acres of land. They will also receive 1 solar light, as, even though Margaret decided not to, a farmer in the group will be purchasing a solar light as part of their loan package.

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