Inevitable and irreversible mega transitions in the 21st century

From moment to movement

Embrace chaos: the crisis as solution

We have spent the last 100 years enslaving people and our planet with prosperity and economic growth. By doing this, we have guided our society into a draconian form of organized chaos. Problems caused by people and their limiting beliefs. We have come to believe in myths and have forgotten that they are just myths.

Change of era

We are living in a changing era that almost asks the impossible of us. We must let go of the old and familiar on the one hand, and embrace the new and unknown on the other. If we see the existing chaos as an opportunity to do things fundamentally different, then the crisis becomes instrumental and we can transform our social systems and businesses and connect them to the new era.

Transformation is the work of people

The inspirations below are about the inevitable transitions in the 21st century and will lead you into a fascinating future. Profound insights and hopeful perspectives for our lives and work. Tangible frameworks and tools to get ourselves moving as an organization and as people and to bring our purpose and actions back to the human level. Because transformation is the work of mankind. The choice is ours.

one egg is not an Easter egg (1 + 1 = 11)

Regenerative economy

Facilitator of evolution

Sustainable capital

The transition to a regenerative and inclusive economy is the most difficult of all systemic changes. But we have no choice. How will we produce and consume within the planetary boundaries? And how do we create an economy that works for everyone, rather than the other way around?

More than 90% of available capital circles in the virtual economy. The balance with the real economy has been completely disrupted. The financial system must return to its purpose; facilitating evolution, organizations and people. So that progress is focused on collective well-being and our humanity.

Resilient and compassionate

Civil society

All for one and one for all

Democracy and freedom

The social transition is complex, viscous and developing quite slowly. The system is deeply rooted in ideology and religion from the 19th century. The growing distrust of the government is understandable, but at the same time unproductive. How can we accelerate the social transition and reshape society?

The democratic transition is the “mother of all transitions” and is becoming more relevant than ever in more and more countries. It creates a new institutional playing field with overlapping networks, communities, cooperatives and movements. This allows us to solve very complex and large issues. With a lot of courage, guts and other forms of leadership.

Sustainable and affordable

Energy for all

Autonomously and safely

Mobility and transport

The energy transition is in full swing and has three turning points: 1) from fossil to renewable energy, 2) from a centralized to a decentralized system and 3) from top-down to bottom-up action. What are the challenges still ahead of us and how can we accelerate the energy transition?

It is an illusion to think that we will travel less. What we will do, however, is travel faster and further in the coming years. That has to be done in a cleaner, more sustainable, safer, smarter and affordable way for everyone. With less impact on the planet, economy and society.

Stop stealing dreams

Education and lifelong learning

Tenable and accessible

Healthcare and well-being

The transition of education focuses on a shift to more personalized knowledge with greater returns. A system in which the student and teacher are central. The goal is to provide people with meaningful education that prepares them as co-transformers for a new economy and society.

With draconian market forces, we have taken the soul out of the healthcare system and alienated it from what it was intended for. The human-being and our well-being are no longer central. The necessary transition to prevention must ensure that the healthcare system remains sustainable and accessible to all.

A home for everyone

Built environment

Farming differently for healthy food

Agriculture and food

Drastic steps are needed to stay within the planetary boundaries and to achieve the set targets for climate (CO2), environment (nitrogen) and nature (biodiversity). What will our living environment look like in the future and how will we find the balance between life, work and nature? What will our country look like in 2030 and after 2050, when it will get hotter and affect the sea level? Vision, big ambitions and drastic steps forward are necessary.

Virtually everyone agrees that the current agricultural system is on a doomed path. What does the transition to a new system look like? A revolution that empowers nature, fertilizes the soil, puts animal well-being first and pays farmers a fair price. By putting nature, not humankind, at the center, we can shape and accelerate the agricultural and food transition.

The voyage from outside to the purpose

Personal transition

Ultimately, systemic transitions also require personal transformation. In interdependence, we must embrace chaos and overcome our fears. This is only possible when we connect with “Self” in desired interdependence; knowing who you are and what you mean to others. A connection with a profound purpose, using our head and heart. Only then does a sense of wholeness emerge, always finding energy and hope.

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