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Tiny country, immense challenges

Future of The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. In 2050 there will be another two million people. The Dutch are running up against their limits and only unorthodox solutions can offer a way out of the swamp of total disorientation.

What are the inevitable transitions in Holland, so that they can escape from the deadlock between environment (nitrogen), climate (CO2) and nature (biodiversity)? How will the Dutch make the Netherlands fit for the future and become a laboratory for the world of tomorrow?

Green cities

The water rises, the earth sinks

The pressure of water on our living environment is increasing due to climate change, rising sea levels and subsidence. Large parts of the Randstad are at risk due to the water level rising and the earth sinking. We need to relate differently to water and create more space for it.

Where can we live in harmony with nature and water? What does this mean for the built environment and our infrastructure? What will the Netherlands look like in the future? Where and how will we live and work?

One swallow offers hope

Netherlands Net Positive

The prosperity and well-being in the Netherlands are seriously at risk due to the great damage we are causing in our naivety. The pace at which this damage is taking is insufficiently reflected in effective measures and actions. Within the government as well as within the business community and society.

How do we make the Netherlands future-proof and how do we keep our country liveable? How do we transform our energy system, our agriculture and the use of materials?


Compass for global disorder

The 21st century has produced a tsunami of geopolitical, economic and democratic disruptions. Central banks have created nearly $30 trillion in new money, and at the same time a new era of geopolitical competition has emerged. The Middle East has been destabilized, the European Union torn apart and old political fault lines in the United States exposed more clearly than ever.

How do we regain control of the overlapping geopolitical, economic and political disorder we currently face?

Migration and poverty as drivers of transition

Behold the dreamers

Climate change will inevitably lead to draconian disruption of our economy and society. Inflation and recessions will further erode the middle classes. According to the United Nations, we must prepare for 1 to 2 billion climate refugees from almost every continent, who cannot be accommodated in their region.

What does this mean for our economies and for institutions such as education and healthcare? Where should these people live and what will be the impact on our prosperity and well-being? Who is to blame for this phenomenon, aren’t we  all – especially from a historical perspective – responsible for the solution?

There is no easy and quick solution and we will have to embrace and live through this social crisis together. The best medicine for this is resilience and compassion. By all walks of life in our society. In all aspects. Based on the old Golden Rule.

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Inevitable transitions in the 21st century


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