Ruud Veltenaar: best seller author and publicist

Creator of Once Upon A Future

As an author, I am the creator of the best seller ‘Once Upon A Future’, my manifesto for a better world.

Once Upon A Future is a fascinating expedition to a world we all desire. An intense experience and confrontation with our limiting beliefs and convictions. For optimists, pessimists and realists. For idealists and activists. And for anyone interested in the future. Just because it’s great fun and relevant.

Breathtaking, great and all-encompassing – Once Upon A Future not only rewrites the meaning and profound purpose, but sheds new light on the future of everything and everyone. And how you can create it yourself.

“You only become an Olympic champion if you can work together in radical interdependence. That also applies to creating a better world. And that makes Ruud Veltenaar’s book crystal clear. So read it!”

– Pieter van den Hoogenband –
triple olympic swimming champion,
chef de mission Tokio 2021

Management book of the year 2021?

The bestseller ‘Once Upon a Future’ has not only been nominated for Managementbook of the year 2021, but was also in the top 100 of for over a hundred days, including several days at No. #1!

Why read this book?

  • Once Upon A Future challenges you and sets you in motion.
  • A lucid handbook, based on years of research, that makes you wonder, smile and yearn.
  • It turns all your existing beliefs and preconceptions on their head.
  • Best seller, more than 100 days in the top 100 and former no #1 at
  • Extremely strong references from readers and professional reviewers and journalists
  • Nominated for the ‘Management book of the Year 2021

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