Panhawat – Cambodia

Panhawat is a young and brave person from the city of Phnom Penh. He is 22 years old. He is currently studying to become a professional programmer at DATAU academy.

Panhawat is a smart young man. He chose his profession a long time ago and is bravely moving towards his goal.

He studies on a paying basis, and requested help in paying his annual tuition. He was very grateful for the help and promises to study only with excellence.

This loan is special because it helps talented youth to acquire the necessary skills to build a successful career in data science.

More about this loan

This loan is a joint product of Phillip Bank and Data U, Cambodia’s leading Data Science Academy. This loan will enable talented youth to enroll in the four-month data science program, which they could not afford otherwise. The program aims to develop young professionals by providing the data knowledge and skills which are highly demanded in the local as well as global markets. The graduates of the program will be able to build a career in data science that is amongst the high-paying industries in Cambodia.

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