My Manifesto

We live in bubbles,
that are beautiful,
but also unreal

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2021 is crystal clear. We can no longer wait for the fog of the pandemic and other uncertainties to vanish. For key issues such as nature and habitat, biodiversity, education and inclusiveness, technology and ethics, and of course our health, we need to find new solutions. Quickly and purposefully. In a world where turmoil and uncertainty are ever increasing. But in the midst of chaos and crisis lie always the best opportunities for transformation and real progress.

It is time for a reset
The global pandemic, economic crisis and fierce protests against inequality, have brought to the surface a deeper, more fundamental problem. Our current economic system encourages maximizing exclusive wealth over inclusive well-being. On top of that, the system also prioritizes individualism over common good and interdependence. Climate change and cumulative ecological crisis…
1. Balance in interdependence
Globally, people need a balanced and economic system that reflects both human and planetary needs. Designing and instituting such a regenerative and inclusive economy must reflect the interdependence of all living things and means that the health of all benefits all. This recognizes the fragility of our climate and nature and underscores our role in proactively protecting them…
2. Balance in equality
Growing inequality is perhaps the most obvious and horrifying sign of the broken economic system. Only when we dramatically reform our economic system can we also address all forms of inequality. All people must have access to the resources they need to live a life of dignity. So that they can earn a living and have the intrinsic motivation to contribute to the common good…
3. Balance in accountability
Transparency and accountability is critical to an economic system that serves people and nurtures our natural resources for future generations. Companies must be integrally accountable to all stakeholders, from employees to investors and, of course, to local communities. Need to fairly and wisely balance the diverse interests and report on their choices, progress and impact…

Profound purpose

As a progressor, you create progress;
financially, socially and environmentally;
for all stakeholders.

1. Connect with Self

I am a renowned speaker, author and progressor for nearly eight billion people and one planet, with everything else on it. The 17 SDGs are my compass and together form my purpose. Creating real progress, for everyone. Financially, socially and environmentally.

My work and life focus primarily on reconnecting with Nature, with Each Other and with Purpose; in line with the above described imperatives for the 21st century and the vital solutions for tomorrow’s world.

2. Reconnect with Nature
Recognizing the mutual, radical interdependence of healthy people, planet and economies is central to my work….
3. Reconnect with Each other
With first and foremost the eradication of structural and systematic inequality. By ensuring that leadership and self-responsibility become more inclusive…
4. Reconnect with Purpose
Transparently measuring results and impact based on reliable, objective and common criteria and metrics. Regarding the creation…
With the motto

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end!

What about you?

And they?

Isn’t it a bit much or even overambitious?

No, we must be ambitions and set big hairy goals. As long as we realize them in tiny steps. Utopia is unattainable, but the road to it is the right direction and fantastic to walk.

But why then? Can I also make a difference?

Certainly, every day. By leading and being an example. For our children. And their children. And beyond that to everything and everyone. So that we become great ancestors too.


B the Change,
a force for Good

Why would you want to become the best of the world if you can be for sure the best for the world? And that’s not hard to do. All you have to do is be the change in the world you want to see. In your job…

Walk the talk

It is not difficult and incredibly fun

I am continuously working to create a financially inclusive world, where people are empowered to improve their lives. More than 1.7 billion people around the world do not have a bank account or access to the capital or financial services they desperately need. Through KIVA, I support people around the world….

In practice