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For decades, education has been caught in a stranglehold of a dated system with an overbearing culture of measurement, testing and control. The system no longer does what it is meant to do, which is to reflect and develop talent and unleash passion out of unbridled curiosity. Whereby our lives become and remain meaningful, by being of meaning and value to other people. And not until retirement, but until your last breath.

How do we make education human- and future-oriented again, and how do we ensure that learning remains a lifetime of great fun and relevance?

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Ruud Veltenaar is among the most requested and best rated speakers on education and the transition to more people- and future-oriented learning. His inspirations for administrators, school leaders, teachers and support staff, are without exception unique experiences that touch participants in the head and heart. Impact guaranteed with mountains of inspiration and practical examples that prove it can be done with more impact.

As a philosopher, inspired parent and faculty member, I would love to take you on an expedition into the transition and future of lifelong learning. With the crucial premise: “if together we do the best for the world, then you never have to become the best of the world anyway.”

As a speaker on education and lifelong learning, I offer a series of keynotes, lectures and workshops with a clear roadmap and examples of how we can begin to reshape rather than deform in education. Fasten your belts in time and keep the helmet on!

Transition to more human- and future-oriented learning


So it can be done. During the pandemic, many innovations in education were accelerated. Digital education, customization, flexible approach, better cooperation with a strong focus on staying connected above all.

Meanwhile in education we are in danger of falling back into old habits and patterns, keeping everything in a stranglehold. A vicious circle in which everyone is trapped in a dated system. How do we put education back in the service of people? So that they and systems reinforce each other instead of working against each other. Not the system and the organization, but the development of the learner and the teacher should be the focus again.

This means a huge turnaround with essentially different principles, namely customization, diversity and equal opportunities. Each student deserves his or her own learning route, but learning together remains important, of course. Teachers become more of an inspirer and guide, with a lot of room for development. Inspiring professionals who also set a good example. At school, but also in their own lives. Schools get more autonomy and administrators facilitate the optimal learning environment for the most important stakeholders; the teachers and students.

How do we transform education so that it is more people- and future-oriented? And from standard to more personalized? From efficiency to profitability? From control and mastery to space, freedom and trust? From subjects to themes, offered in a multi- and interdisciplinary form that seamlessly connects to the upcoming future? How and where do we find more balance between theory and practice? And between wisdom, knowledge and skills?

Join us on an expedition to the future of lifelong learning, with meaningful and relevant education that connects to 21st century challenges and opportunities. With resilient and agile people, contributing to a world that almost everyone desires.

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Re-thinking in education


Everyone is a leader


Learning is life


We think the education system is well thought out, but is it really so? Or have we come to believe in myths and become lost in old patterns and habits?

Leadership in education matters, and it has been proven in practice that leading administrators, teachers and students make the essential difference.

We live and work in turbulent times with the important question of how to keep learning and developing continuously with temporary solutions. After all, learning is never done because learning is life.

Dare to ask why?

Why do we have classes and a standardized final exam? Is a long summer vacation wise? Why is collective rather than individual mediocrity the focus? Does the curriculum still fit the unleashed future with its great ecological and social challenges? Why do we segregate at the gate in education by age and intelligence; does that contribute to more equal opportunities?

Letting go or holding on differently?

The best educational institutions have hundreds and sometimes even thousands of leaders who inspire each other and others to lead from intention and the impending future. Leadership in education must focus primarily on intent; developing students and teachers. The art of leadership then is not to let go but to hold on differently.

Learning to work or lifelong learning?

Life in the 21st century and turbulent world puts a strain on people’s resilience and agility. Learning to live is therefore at least as important as learning to work. How do we give form and substance to themes such as leadership, sustainability, innovation, mercy and (re)sharing? How do we shift the focus from prosperity to well-being and from Ego to Eco?

Re-thinking in education

This unique inspirement is a true experience and makes maximum use of the ability to “Re-think”. It pulls participants out of their existing thinking patterns and limiting beliefs and makes them look differently at the purpose of education. Because only when we dare to ask ourselves fundamental questions about education can we make conscious choices that must be enclosed in the essential intent of education.

More impact

How do we learn to lead from intention together and increase ownership among all stakeholders? How should we then redesign the supporting systems? The goal is to achieve much better performance and results with less manageability. It is damned difficult, but the motto for leadership is not for nothing; “think big, do smaller. Today another step closer to the goal.”


During this inspirational event, a kaleidoscopic view of lifelong learning will be presented. What are the obstacles to learning by really living and how can we overcome them? What is the role of education and what does “Curricular Life” look like in the 21st century? How do we (re)connect with nature, each other and Self (intention) and how do we give our lives meaning until our last sigh? So that in the end we cheerfully wave it off with a peaceful smile.

Who went before you?

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Customization is the

Every keynote on education and the shift to a more people- and future-oriented education is completely tailored and meticulously planned.

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Each inspirement about education fits seamlessly with the program, participants’ backgrounds and intended impact.

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Each inspirement on education is super interactive and workforms such as voiceBUZZ, mentiQUIZZ and debates turn passive listeners into active participants, with concrete ideas and solutions.

Unique experience
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Each inspirement on education and long-life learning is a real experience, which participants will be thinking and talking about for months to come. Thanks in part to a unique reference book and an optional digital aftertalk.