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Diagnosis 2030: less worry

The pandemic has mercilessly exposed the flaws in the healthcare system. Decades of budget cuts and market forces are now paying off, and a collapse is looming. The healthcare crisis has shown that we can count on healthcare heroes in extreme situations.

How do we break through the existing power relations in healthcare and how do we make healthcare belong to people again instead of large, bureaucratic institutions and health insurers? And above all, how do we keep care accessible and affordable? For everyone!

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Ruud Veltenaar is among the most requested and best rated speakers on healthcare and wellness and the transition from diagnosis and treatment to prevention. His inspirements for administrators, specialists, general practitioners, nurses and other care providers, are without exception unique experiences that touch the participants in the head and heart. Impact guaranteed with mountains of inspiration and practical examples that prove it can be done differently. Working together, in radical dependence, both inside and outside the chain.

As a philosopher, patient annex experiencer, spouse of a physician and former impact investor in healthcare (technology), I like to take you on an expedition to transition and future sustainable and accessible healthcare.

As a speaker on healthcare and wellness, I offer a number of inspirations, lectures and workshops with a clear roadmap and examples of how we can reshape the future of healthcare and transition to prevention. Fasten your belts in time and keep the helmet on!

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The inspirements below can be combined, depending on your wishes and needs, and of course adapted for each specific target group inside and outside of healthcare. Of course, your own suggestions are also welcome. I would be happy to discuss your goals and specific wishes.

Diagnosis 2030: less worry


In order to ensure the quality and accessibility of healthcare in the future, the institution and system must be financially and socially sustainable. These dimensions of sustainability are under increasing pressure from developments such as an aging population, new healthcare technologies, staff shortages and the increase in chronically ill patients.

In order to limit the worrying growth of problems, we must return to the intention within healthcare and make clear choices about where the priorities should lie. Leading the way here are two principles. Where and how can we create the most social value and in which parts of healthcare should quality and accessibility be strengthened?

The inspirement ‘The soul of Healthcare’ is a unique experience for every stakeholder in healthcare and offers vital ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s world. With a focus on prevention within a system where the person is once again central.

Join us on an expedition to the future of healthcare and discover how healthcare institutions and professionals can once again be of optimal value to people and society.

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Everyone is a leader in healthcare


Patient in 2nd place


More Human is Great


The quality of healthcare hinges on the quality of leadership within all aspects and components of the system. Achieving maximum social value and health gains requires effective professional as well as rebellious leadership.

Positive health is based on the ideas of Machteld Huber and the concept of continuing to see the patient primarily as a human being. Thus, health no longer becomes the domain of healthcare, but of all of us.

The stormy developments around healthcare technologies and e-Health will increasingly focus within healthcare on prevention, education ethics. Smart is Good. Faster is Good. But more human is Great. How can e-Health contribute to more human care?

Rebellious leadership

The demand for healthcare professionals will skyrocket in the coming years and decades, while the outflow is greater than ever. Research shows that when healthcare professionals show more leadership, the quality and mutual cooperation improves. This increases job satisfaction and decreases outflow.

How can we critically reflect together on ingrained work habits and patterns and what questions should we dare to ask? How can we challenge and improve daily care and the status quo?

Re-thinking in healthcare

Within the concept of ‘Positive Health’, health is no longer seen as the presence or absence of disease, but as the ability of people to cope with the physical, emotional and social challenges of life and take as much control as possible and even, where possible, still be of value to other people.

It is a totally different way of (re)thinking than we are used to. For doctors, caregivers and also for us people in the waiting rooms.

More than an app or robot

To make virtual and digital healthcare optimally scalable, we need to organize healthcare differently. E-Health is not additional, but leads to a fundamental redistribution of tasks and the emergence of new players specialized in providing virtual and digital care.

What are the key developments and the most groundbreaking technologies that will significantly shake up the healthcare landscape? And how can we best shape and accelerate the adoption of virtual and digital remote care?

Professional leadership

Professional leadership is about moral and inspirational leadership. The focus is not on the hierarchical structure, but on leading by example based on expertise, humanity, motivation and persuasion.

Thus, every healthcare professional will take initiatives to improve health outcomes and encourage and motivate others to do the same. With everyone in this leadership role, every specialist, nurse and caregiver will influence policy and decision-making in their own work environment.

Opportunities and challenges

Based on the six demissions of health, the challenges of the healthcare sector and all stakeholders are identified. Where are the opportunities that we do not see now? How do we put people back at the center instead of patients? Why is it better to look at the potential rather than the ailment and what is no longer going?

Focusing on health rather than illness helps us think differently and make care more responsive to demand.

Data-driven prevention

Personalized, data-driven helathcare will not only improve the quality and cost of care, but more importantly accelerate the focus of healthcare from diagnosis and treatment to prevention. The tsunami of health data, with information about lifestyle, environment and behavior, will inevitably lead to more “do it yourself” healthcare.

Data-driven, personalized care will then revolve entirely around who you are and what you do, leading to better interventions. Both in prevention and care delivery.

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