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Our society is not only in a polycrisis, but also in an inevitable transition to the next phase of our civilization. This upheaval brings us a lot of chaos in the beginning, but will eventually lead to a new era, with a more sustainable world. Thus, the balance is restored between the planet, the market and humanity.

Are you looking for an inspiring speaker on sustainability?

Ruud Veltenaar is a highly sought-after speaker for topics on sustainability, offering unique perspectives to leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and other proactive individuals. His keynotes move people to take action and make a lasting impact on the minds and hearts of those attending.

Having almost three decades of experience as a sustainable entrepreneur and impact investor, Ruud would be delighted to take you on a journey to Protopia, the world almost everyone yearns for. Our journey will provide impactful outcomes with lots of enthusiasm and humorous anecdotes.

In his role as a sustainability speaker, he provides stimulating keynotes, master classes, and workshops that offer a realistic plan to speed up the transition to a sustainable future. Fasten your seatbelt and keep your helmet on – it’s going to be a wild ride!

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The ideas shared below can be adjusted and blended to suit your requirements and tailored to whatever sector you are working in. If you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Reconnecting with nature

TIP! – The soul of sustainability

Humans have taken a place of dominance over the planet, putting their own economic gain above nature. This attitude has caused tremendous destruction and loss of life over the last few decades. A planet could survive without humans, but in order for all its inhabitants to have a good life, what measures do we need to take?

What steps are needed to restore the balance between the planet, people, and profit? Who is responsible for taking action — government, business, or society? What are the most important solutions to these problems and how can we speed up the necessary changes?

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Everything sustainable

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From footprint to handprint

Transition to Net Positive delivers more

From profit to value

Leadership for a sustainable future

Half a century ago, “Limits to Growth” shocked the world, yet we continued to ignore its warnings. With the boundaries of the planet being pushed, revolution is required. How can we speed up the sustainability of our systems, industries and companies?

What chances are we missing, and who should be responsible for taking advantage of them? How can governments, businesses, and social groups use them to their advantage?

The “From Footprint to Handprint” keynote inspires courageous individuals and organizations to switch from a mindset of simply being ‘less bad’ to ‘positive in all aspects’. Why is it so crucial and entertaining to strive for a Net Positive result?

So, why do Net Positive companies always have better results and performance? Not just for investors, but in all aspects and for all stakeholders. Everywhere.

This inspirement provides entrepreneurs, leaders and commissioners with practical advice and resources to create lasting value. It encourages those in important roles to lead with an eye towards the future, keeping non-negotiable values and standards at the forefront.

What steps can we take to benefit everyone involved while also increasing organizational effectiveness and outcomes?

Your event is incredibly important, not just to you but also to me.

What can we do together to ensure that your event is memorable?

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Each inspirement is super interactive and working formats such as voiceBUZZ, mentiQUIZZ and Lagerhuisdebat turn passive listeners into active participants with ideas and solutions.

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