Technical and logistical needs and requirements
Travel information
General terms and conditions
Technical and logistical needs and requirements
1. Apple MacBook Pro

I always use my own Apple Mac Book’s Pro. So I never present from any other computer. This is because of frequent use of videos downloaded on my Apple and to prevent errors and other technical incidents.

2. Location of my Mac Books

What is very important is that my Apple is in front of me where I am walking and presenting, preferably on a small (standing) table (i.e., not somewhere in the back near the technical desk or on the side of the stage on a catheter).

3. Kabels

To the stage, where my Mac Book Pro is located, a VGA or HDMI cable, a sound cable and power must be laid. If possible covered with tape to prevent tripping. It is wise to always lay a VGA cable as a backup in addition to an HDMI cable. Sometimes HDMI causes problems with sound or interferes with the presenter or other hardware and software on the Apple.

4. Adapters

I bring my own USBC adapters to connect to the beamer/projector via VGA or HDMI (or wirelessly via Apple TV).

5. Format presentations

All my presentations are in widescreen 16:9 format. Different formats are optional at extra costs, based on the alterations needed in the presentation.

6. Projection screen

Preference is given to a projection screen in 16:9 format (WxH in cm), for example 4 by 2.50 meters. The larger the screen, the greater the impact.

7. Microphone

As a microphone, I prefer to work with a headset (preferably attached behind two ears) rather than a lapel microphone (the only alternative). I only use hand microphones in the audience. Interaction with a large audience works better with 1 or more catchbox(es).The client is expected to arrange these technologies himself.

8. Drinks and food

A bottle or carafe of water with a glass is important and prevents dry mouth and voice problems. II’m on a strict diet, so don’t arrange regular lunch or dinner for me.

10. Internet

My presentations contain many links to external sources and other content. Access to fast internet is therefore very important.

10. StemBUZZ or mentiQUIZZ

During the interactieve formats stemBUZZ (buzzmaster) and mentiQUIZZ I work with a presentation and in the browser with Mentimeter. I usually do this from two Apple Mac Book Pro computers. The technician must then be able to switch between the two computers using a video switch.

Travel information

I work in Amsterdam and for all gigs in Europe I travel with my TESLA or by train. Exclusively for intercontinental performances I use the plane and Schiphol Amsterdam is then my point of departure.All travel costs are to be borne by the client unless otherwise agreed and recorded in writing.

General terms and conditions

You can find the terms and conditions HERE.


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