Top 10 keynotes, webinars and other inspiriments

Top 10 keynotes, webinars and other inspirements

Tons of inspiration and energy in an entanglement of desire

Below is a list of my ten highest rated and most requested keynotes, master classes, workshops, webinars and lectures. My inspirements offer clarity about the future and hope for a better world. Without exception, unique experiences and packed with tons of inspiration and energy. About the vital ideas and concrete solutions for the world of tomorrow.

1. Invisible PERSPECTIVE

Series of webinars on HOPE

2. The Bigger > RESET


There are no quick solutions to the major ecological and social problems we have caused ourselves. And we are not only in a health crisis or economic recession, but also in an inevitable and irreversible transformation to the next stage of our civilization.

What are the major drivers of this paradigm shift, and how do we together create the world we all crave? This is a unique series of webinars, with small hybrid meetings if possible, offering concrete hope and unleashes a strong desire for real progress. Each webinar creates mountains of inspiration and is an accumulation of hope. The series concludes with a ‘Town Hall Gathering’ on location; a great apotheosis with super interactive formats like the voiceBUZZ and mentiQUIZZ. Reimagining and redesigning the vital solutions for tomorrow’s world and how we create real progress, without leaving anyone behind!

Customized for each organization and tailored for any audience, this series of inspirments will exceed your expectations and is happening and experience people will not forget.

A confrontational inspiriment and unique experience. A clear, hopeful, and above all, realistic discourse about our great risks, challenges and daily problems. What is the only realistic escape from the pandemic and the economic depression? Fast and opportunistically moving forward back to “business as usual” and the delusion of the day? Or with great wisdom and truthfulness thoughtfully backwards…? To ‘business as usual and the Commons’. A major upheaval and with a fundamental reset of our economic system and our way of thinking, doing and being.

The question has long since ceased to be whether our systems, institutions and ways of life are going to tip over. It is now a question of how we are going to reimagine and redesign the future. Are we in control of the desired paradigm shift and will we create our own future and circumstances? Or does the shore ‘turn the ship’ and nature takes the helm and we go along as victims of our circumstances?

So the good news is; left or right – a better world is being born. How can you actively contribute or would you rather retreat or resign and watch idly?

3. Once Upon A FUTURE

The complete and above all realistic story


Improve yourself, start with the world

A unique experience and exciting expedition to the emerging future. The complete and honest story of a world in transformation to the next phase of our civilization. Sometimes confrontational, always crystal clear and based on verifiable facts, identifiable trends and realistic expectations. This fascinating inspirement creates clarity about our future and offers concrete hope for a more sustainable world and fair, inclusive society.

Based on the best seller with the same name ‘Once Upon A Future’, former no.1 at! Please ask us about the unique combination of a very interactive inspiriment and the book and manifest ‘Once Upon A Future’ as a takeaway’!

Purpose driven, meaningful and sustainable business; how do you do it and what does it deliver? And how do you find a good balance between creating value for all stakeholders? Financially, socially and ecologically? This is not a controversial, ecological and social inspiration, but a convincing experience of how you can achieve better results as an entrepreneur on all fronts. For yourself, but also for your employees, customers and all other stakeholders. Including the planet and society. Entrepreneurship can’t get much more fun, when you create maximum impact with maximum, real progress.

5. Transition and future EDUCATION

Learn to work or learn to live?

6. Transition and future HEALTHCARE

Diagnose 2030: longer life, earlier death

Education seems dated and is too standardized and product-oriented. It just no longer connects with the emerging future and does not provide people with enough opportunities to discover and fully develop their potential. Instead of learning to live and be of value to society, we are educated to work and service the economy.

This inspirement is an engaging and confrontational expedition to the emerging future of lifelong learning. A strong plea and non-committal appeal to the head and heart for more human- and future-oriented education. More formative than deformative.

How can we continue to learn from a different Why, What and How in order to live and remain of value throughout life? Well beyond our retirement. But what now: if you do what you’re really good at and this unleashes your passion time and time again and you are of value to society and people – do you still want to retire?

The west-European healthcare system is among the best in the world but is under severe pressure. COVID-19 has brought to the surface some serious flaws in the system. Add to that the changing social, environmental, demographic and technological patterns, and you see new, big challenges on the horizon that will increase the pressure on the system.

How do we keep healthcare affordable and why is the principle of solidarity no longer sustainable? How do we shift the focus more and more from diagnosis and treatment to prevention? Why does more technology ultimately make care much more human? How do we keep the soul in care?

More well-being, more appreciation and reward and less headaches. Is that possible? What do we mean by living longer, dying sooner?

A fascinating inpsiriment and unique experience, Diagnosis 2030 signifies the system’s inevitable transition to more people-centered and value-driven healthcare.

7. MEXIT 52

52 exits to a better world

8. VITAL business models

One swallow augurs well

Fifty-two easy-to-implement ideas and solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and just society. One for each week. 100% customized and targeted to consumers, your organization and/or sector.

Based on the book of the same name with 52 cards that will be released in the second half of 2021. Inquire about the interesting and attractive possibilities of an inspiration with this unique ‘give-away’ for each participant, so that he or she is reminded of your event and unique experience every week for a year. We can’t make the expedition to Utopia any easier.

Sustainable business is crucial to the future of humanity and our planet. It is the starting point of every organization in the 21st century. Starting principles are sustainable organization and templates for vital business models. The creation of value – social, financial and ecological – is central to this.

How do you develop sustainable, vital business models and how do they work in daily practice?

9. 10x FACTOR


10. Leadership & ETHICS

Dozen eminent reflections for leaders

In turbulent times with many threats, risks and unique opportunities, new exponential organizations are emerging that operate ten times better, faster and more efficient than their peers in the market. What is the secret of the 10X factor and how do you become an exponential organization? And is this also possible for your organization?

The 10X Factor is a unique inspirement for leaders, policy makers and other executives who not only want change, but also want to get started right away. Based on a concrete framework of internal and external factors with which every organization can make the difference.

Our worldview reflects how we see things. In a complex and multicultural society, our own filters and bubbles create incidents with others and collisions with true reality. By taking a step back and mirroring a dozen reflections, you will be better understood as a leader and people will start leading themselves.

Walk the talk; exemplary leadership serving the common good. For all stakeholders, from the belief that Doing Well (goal is profit) is a resultant of Doing Good (purpose is value creation – financial, environmental and social).

Starting points for my work

Six principles for my inspirements

Six principles are central to my work and they articulate what I stand for and what I strive for. You’ll find them in all my keynotes, master classes, workshops, lectures, books and other publications.