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An overview of the top-rated and most requested keynotes, workshops, webinars and mini-lectures are below. Without exception, these inspirements offer clarity about the future and hope for a better world. Each one is a unique experience. Packed with inspiration and crackling energy,  a world in transformation to the next phase of our civilization. With vital ideas and solutions for the 21st century. Leading to some inevitable transitions of our systems, institutions and businesses.

The honest and complete story

#1  Once Upon a Future

A unique experience and exciting expedition into the unleashed future. Sometimes confronting, always crystal clear, based on facts, inevitable trends and developments. This fascinating inspirement creates transparency about the future and offers hope for a more sustainable world and resilient and compassionate communities.

Based on my bestseller “Once Upon a Future”,  #1 and also nominated for Management Book of the Year 2021.

From net zero to Net Positive

#2  Company of the future

The company of the future is Net Positive. It operates within the planetary boundaries and improves the performance and results of all stakeholders, in all aspects and everywhere. How do you become Net Positive as an organization and which inspiring companies and brave leaders led the way? What lessons can we learn from their expeditions?

Based on the ideas of some great thinkers of our time; including Jan Rotmans (‘Embrace Chaos’), Paul Polman (‘Net Positive’) and Rene ten Bos (‘Wandering in the Anthropocene’).

Smarter and faster is good, but more human is Great

#3 Technological (r)evolution

A baby created by three parents, erasing traumatic memories with a pill, growing human organs in pigs is already a reality. Scientists fear the technological singularity. Does artificial intelligence lead to the democratization of IQ and become the ultimate test of humanity?

What are the most important exponential technologies and what impact will they have on our lives and work? How do we use technology to drive innovation and solve our biggest environmental and social challenges? Where are the opportunities and what ethical risks hide in the unknown?

Reality beyond fairy tales and myths

#4 Climate change changes everything

Global warming is evident and seems irreversible this century. The problem is much bigger than just greenhouse gas emissions. The responsibility and solution lies with all stakeholders, governments, businesses and societies. Only in radical interdependence can we defuse the greatest crisis ever.

This inspirement offers a realistic perspective of climate change and its impact on our lives and work. It is based on the understanding that climate change is closely linked to the struggle for economic and social justice and that we must all contribute to the solution.

Leading from purpose to the unleashed future

#5 Leadership in 21st century

The world lacks moral leadership. Good leaders, who do good, even when no one is watching. We have remained on the sidelines too long, ignoring difficult social and environmental issues. The world is screaming for inspiring leaders who will prevent autocracy and ignorance from becoming dominant.

Leadership in the 21st century is no easy task and requires a lot of commitment, courage and wisdom. Whether it is leading a multinational, family business or your own life. Fundamentally, it involves two interrelated aspects: doing what you do best and your passion to achieve ambitious goals in relation to what the world needs. When you know what is good from the perspective of the profound purpose, you will find the courage to take a stand and lead.

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