For all attendees

Unique reference guide

So that your event continues to inspire – even after months

After every inspiriment, all participants can download a unique reference book that is much more than a copy of my presentation. It guarantees that your meeting will still fascinate and inspire the participants months later. Who doesn’t want that, to leave a positive impression and especially a lasting impact?

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Superb design

Performance and content determine the impact.

And yes, esthetics does matter and that’s why I find the designs of my presentations very important. An image or short heart-breaking video often says more than 1,000 words and carries and reinforces my story.

A story that is often retold and shared by the participants, using my unique reference book.

Content, content, content… is king

The reference book is a deep dive into more inspiration and contains 100+ supplementary slides with lots of additional content.

Broad explanations and additional depth provide more coherence and insights, plus hours of viewing and reading pleasure.

And should this be insufficient, one can always read my bestseller ‘Once Upon A Future’ or check my blogs.

Links naar betrouwbare bronnen

In the reference book you will find links and clicking here will take you directly to all my sources.

Mostly scientific in nature, but often other reliable sources that have almost always been checked more than once.

So much more… inspiration

What makes the reference book truly one of a kind is that it contains hundreds of links to inspiring TED talks, YouTube videos, books, white papers, research, reports and other relevant content.

A prelude to deepening knowledge and increasing inspiration, which only needs to be translated into wisdom and concrete movement.

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